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CHINA ROOM (6 weeks-24 months)

We work closely with parents as we understand that being a backup parent should feel like a second home to our infants.  We can set up a daily schedule or continue using your consistent schedule for your infant.  We record the events that happen in a day for you to have at any time.  We understand each child is an individual with unique sleeping and eating patterns.

We focus on helping your infant when emotional situations occur.  Because infants change physically we help them adjust daily.  We encourage hands on activities and learning situations to better aid cognitive learning.

China Room
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We offer a clean and organized area.  Our classroom is a shoeless area as infants spend a majority of the day on the floor.  We at Depot Daycare are also Breastfeeding Friendly.




Our infant room staff is currently or working towards being Infant/Toddler Endorsed.   They also have previous experience with children under the age of two.  We strive to find staff that will be growing with Depot Daycare.



Color: We have chosen China to be our ORANGE room.

Train: China Train.  There was no question on what train we would choose for China as it is the fasted train in the world.  The average speed is 124 mph and can go as high as 186 mph because of how the rail lines are set up.

The giant panda is considered to be a Chinese national treasure. With just over 1,000 surviving in the wild we chose this animal for Depot Daycare.

China does not have an "official" national flower.  We chose the tree peony to be our China flower.  This flower offers a lot of character and comes in an array of colors.  We will even have a double orange blossom to add to our room.   

China has more bird species than any other place in the world. The Red Ibis, is unique and being an endangered bird species, we chose this bird to be added to our classroom.

 China has the oldest tree in the world and it's called China's Gingko.  However, we chose to use the China Tree  as our class tree because of its unique shape. 

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